Sunday, July 29, 2012

Drawer Organizing Project

       Here's a project I did several months ago. Please excuse the bad photos. I've never been able to get this camera to take decent photos inside.


After alot of decluttering and organizing I ended up with what we call our Candle Drawer. This holds our Scentzy bars, extra Scentzy bulbs, extra candles of all sizes (except large pillars), incense, lighters, lantern wicks, etc.

Candle Drawer After:

       After alot more decluttering and organizing, plus a little scouring the rest of the kitchen for our cocktail and bar supplies I ended up with what we call our Bar Drawer. This holds coasters, cocktail napkins, mini drink umbrellas, toothpicks, drinkware clips, lemon squeezer, bottle openers, etc. To organize everything neatly I used some of my vintage Starburst glassware collection. The mini umbrellas are stored in the top of a Starburst butter dish. I also keep the BoxTops I save for my nephew's school. in a little Starburst bowl in this drawer.

Bar Drawer After: 

        Here's a detail shot of one of my vintage Starburst bowls that I used to organize my drawers.  I attached my glass clips to the rim of this one so they could be easily seen. Then I put decorative garnish picks in the bowl.

      I would love to hear and see how some you use non-traditional items to organize your drawers.

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